Self Grooming Catnip Brush

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The easiest way to brush your cat is to have something else do it for you! This little handy product does all the hard work for you. Simply install the product on a corner or a flat surface, put some catnip into the sides, and watch your cat groom itself! 

  • Helps cats maintain a healthy coat of fur
  • Great for all breeds of cats
  • Easy to install - comes with sturdy double-sided adhesive and screws for your choice on how you would like to install it
  • Catnip included
  • Size: 9 x 13cm

Install it your way!
You can either use small screws or double-sided adhesive to keep it in place.
(Don't worry, your package with come with both!) 

How to install it on a corner:


How to install it on a flat surface: